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This 4TB hard drive falls under $100

There are no more excuses Internal memory the computer is completely full. This leads to short-term PC performance issues. So we recommend keeping one conventional hard drive as external storage.…

Nicolas Cage will be a character in Dead by Daylight

Behavior Interactive has announced a new collaboration for Dead by Daylight. The asymmetrical horror multiplayer, which has included all sorts of villains and survivors from horror films such as Saw,…

After a disappointing theatrical release, The Fury of the Gods confirms its release date on HBO Max

The release date of Shazam! The Fury of the Gods on HBO Max, the It will be available on the platform from May 23rd. HBO Max has confirmed this through…

The Deviation Games studio is suffering from a large wave of layoffs

Studio Deviation Games, which is currently working exclusively for Sony on a new game and was funded by the Japanese company, has suffered a wave of layoffs that some sources…

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