Andor confirms his Disney+ premiere window and his awesome connection to Rogue One

Star: Wars Andor Season 2 arrives on Disney+ in August 2024and promises to lead straight into the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Executive Producer Tony Gilroy took the stage at the Star Wars Celebration, joined by Diego Luna, Andy Serkis and other cast members to announce the release window for Star Wars: Andor.

“We started filming in November,” Gilroy said. “We’re more or less halfway there. We will shoot until August. We’re sticking to the schedule. [Nosotros] we will be finished in august and spend another year in post production. I’m guessing we’ll be premiering the following August.”

A series of action-packed clips from Season 2 were also shown, opening with a speech line “I had a feeling you’d be back soon”, which shows Cassian, Dedra, Syril, and Bix reunited. “If we don’t stick together, we will be defeated.”

Gilroy also talked about what’s to come in season two. “You know where we’re going. You saw the Death Star explode. We will do it“.

Add to that what GamesRadar posted on its Twitter account. Twitter. A new trailer from Gilroy confirmed that The final scene of Star Wars: Andor leads directly to Rogue One. “We’re going to tell you how he got there and what it cost him,” he said.

The cast and crew also remembered Andor’s beginnings and how the series has grown so quickly. “Last time we came, we were a secret,” Gilroy said. “We had never taught anyone anything before. It was confusing. It’s tremendously exciting to be here and to feel so legitimately part of the community.”

“We’re really doing what we’ve been doing for three years now. It’s a train that doesn’t stop moving forward. We’re moving as fast as we can to finish it off and make you proud.“.

We previously learned that the first season of Andor takes place in a year, during the second focuses on the four years prior to the events of Rogue One. Filming for Season 2 began last November, making this the first major update since.

Star Wars: Andor was released last year to great reviews. In our we note that the series “a gift for the fanwhich can reconcile more than one with the current Star Wars”.

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