Evil in 3? Rumors about a third part are increasing

It's been seven years since The Evil Within 2 came out. Neither Tango Gameworks nor Shinji Mikami himself have confirmed the return of the franchise that has given fans so many good (and bad) moments.

Of course there are rumors but The Evil Within's return was never official. Players have no choice but to keep dreaming and paying attention to every detail that may be related to The Evil Within 3. It seems a new one has now been found.

Credits: Sophia_LaPapou on Reddit

Sophia_LaPapou divided There is a recording in The Evil Within subreddit that says: belongs to Shinji Mikami's Facebook account. The well-known developer points this out in the publication “Maybe we’ll come back for Psycho Break.”. For those who don't know, “Psycho Break” is the name given to the horror franchise in Japan.

There are a few problems to solve

There are quite a few who do They don't entirely believe Sophia_LaPapou's claims. Some think so It's not Mikami's real Facebook account.which prompted the user to clarify that “the screenshot is not fake. And I don’t think the profile has been fake since then.” had uploaded personal content“.

This is also worth mentioning Mikami left Tango Gameworks last year. However, as Sophia_LaPapou notes, the team can count on Mikami consultants or employees during the development of The Evil Within 3.

Although the return of the Mikami-directed and produced franchise has not been officially announced, It is clear that the study aims to explore this option. First, development of Ghostwire: Tokyo began is a sequel to the 2017 horror game The Evil Within 2.

Added a detail present in Hi-Fi Rush which seems to foreshadow the arrival of a third game. In a scene from Hi-Fi Rush you might read: “Sequel to the popular survival horror franchise announced”.

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