Exclusive first look at this spectacular Gambit character from the new X-Men animated series

IGN can reveal exclusively First, check out the new Mondo character from the upcoming X-Men animated seriesX-Men ’97, where we take a look at the mythical member of the mutant team Gambit.

Remy LeBeau’s Gambit Final Figure is expected It will go on sale in November 2023 and will cost $215.. For that price, you’ll get four portraits of his face, his favorite weapons, and items from certain episodes that should make fans very happy, including collars from Slaver’s Isle and a Days of the Wild-inspired portrait of Mystique. future past.”

Take a look at the gallery below to see lots of pics of Mondo’s new Gambit character and see more product details below, including pre-order information if you’re interested.

Pre-orders for this new Gambit figure will start on Tuesday, April 18 at 7:00 p.m. (Peninsula time) and closes at 18:59 (Peninsula time) on Tuesday 25 April. Interested parties can apply this link to get up to double-digit amounts per customer when pre-orders are available.

The Gambit character is the fourth mutant figure of this lineage and follows Wolverine from 2021, Magneto from 2022 and Jubilee from January 2023.

All of these numbers come at a great time as they add to the revival waiting for the Disney+ revival from the mythical X-Men animated series of the 90’s Although we know who the main villain of X-Men ’97 will be, we still have many more questions about the series, such as which characters and voice actors will appear, the stories of X-Men is customized and much more.

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