Filtered an alleged Xbox controller with Starfield design in China

A supposedly new design of the Xbox controller with Starfield themes has surfaced filtered out on Chinese social media.

The controller hasn’t been officially announced by Microsoft yet, but its launch would make sense around the world given the Bethesda game is its big exclusive for 2023. The design actually fits Starfield’s visual identity and is very elaborate, making it doubtful that it’s fake.

Microsoft is also expected to unveil (perhaps at the Starfield showcase on June 11) a special edition Xbox Series X and/or Xbox Series S based on the new Bethesda sci-fi adventure directed by Todd Howard hints at how it’s done with other top-notch first-party titles.

Starfield will be released on September 6th, 2023 on Xbox Series X/S and PC and will be available in the Xbox Game Pass Subscription Service Catalog from the same day of release.

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