Final Fantasy VII fans think they’ve found the mythical plane in the new Rebirth trailer

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth was shown in its first trailer during Summer Game Fest and fans believe they saw the Highwind from the original game, the mythical airship.

Reddit user megaflare drew attention to it In the background it seems as if the strong wind is coming out from behind a cliffwho apparently sneaks into the trailer at 2:20 (which you can watch below).

The high wind is an airship from the original Final Fantasy VII which Cloud and crew would eventually unlock to quickly travel the world of Gaia.

However, another Reddit user It has been speculated that the Highwind could not be used in this game as it coincides with elements from later parts of Final Fantasy VII’s storyline, such as the appearance of Cid, whose appearance in Rebirth has not previously been shown. . For this reason, The Highwind can be reserved for the third and last game from the remake trilogy.

“I assume it will appear in the third part,” Cmedeiros15 said in the replies. “Maybe too Works similar to the airship in Final Fantasy X. The airship will basically be a hub that you can return to in the third game.”

Ionicmoose disagrees: “If we look at the open areas that we’ve seen, I hope we can fly over the map and land at waypoints or designated landing zones, but they’ll also likely do so Final Fantasy X-style and choose from a list.

The lengthy Summer Game Fest trailer offered the first look at Rebirth in a year, and came at the end of a week of sometimes insightful but often bizarre Q&A from Square Enix.

That is becoming apparent Overall, a great year for Final Fantasy, as Final Fantasy XVI will be released on June 22nd and the Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Closed Beta has already started. As for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, we’re still waiting for a definitive release date, but we’ll know more soon. For everything else revealed at Summer Game Fest, check out our full rundown here.

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