Frontier announces new Arid Animal Pack DLC for Planet Zoo

Frontier Developments has announced a new DLC for the management sim Planet Zoo.

The Arid Animal Pack, the fifteenth expansion the game has received since its release in late 2019, will go on sale on June 20th and will add eight new animals.

Specifically, users who receive the DLC can add the dromedary, African porcupine, black rhino, addax, Somali wild ass, sand cat, dama gazelle, and horned viper to their desert zoos.

The Arid Animal Pack also includes a new campaign mode scenario in which we have to turn a piece of land into the Arabian desert.

The price of the DLC is €9.99. Coinciding with its release, a new free update will also be released with quality of life improvements (such as the film path editor, the flexicolour tool for customizing staff uniforms, and the camera scene mode). new extras and some improvements.

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