How map restrictions actually work in Starfield

Some leaked images of Starfield where a message appeared “limit reached” caused quite a stir on the internet earlier this week, and IGN is here to explain how it actually works in-game.

Yes, a message will pop up if you venture too far into a planet in Starfield, but you really have to do whatever it takes to find it.

If you only go one way about 15 or 20 minutesa popup will appear saying that you have reached the planet border and you have three options: fast travel to the ship, open the planet map or cancel the popup (see image below).

What does the Map Limit Reached message look like when you view this point on a planet in Starfield | to reach? Image: Taylor Lyles/IGN

In space, too, there are invisible walls

If you choose the third option, You hit an invisible wall and a message “You cannot walk this path” appears in the top right corner of the screen. (in the screenshot below). Choosing the second option takes you to a different part of the map.

What happens if you ignore the
This happens when you see the | ignore Image: Taylor Lyles/IGN

This contradicts some of Bethesda’s previous reports about when A fan asked if they could explore an “entire planet.” after landing on it. Previously, Bethesdas was publishing executive said Pete Hines: “Yes, if you want. Go on, brave explorer.”

While this may be disappointing to some, It’s important to note that there are over 1,000 planets in Starfield. Each is visually different in one way or another varying degrees of severity up to signs of life on the planetgo through some that have one extreme heat or cold.

At IGN, we give Starfield a 10/10We found “everything it needed and a lot more than we could have hoped for.”

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