“I love her, I watch movies all the time”

Christopher Nolan has a special affection for the Fast & Furious sagaand he made it very clear a recent interview with Stephen Colbert. Nolan attended Colbert's Late Night as a guest and gave us additional some very memorable moments in sketch formthe director confessed his total devotion to the franchise starring Vin Diesel.

Colbert is surprised by the statements and admits that he has not seen any of the films. Nolan replies, almost indignantly: “I don’t feel guilty about being a Fast & Furious fan.” It's a great action franchise.. I love it! I watch films all the time. “I'm surprised you've never seen one before.”

Nolan's recommendation, which many will disagree with

It's obvious Nolan has been enjoying the topic of conversation ever since In addition to recommending the saga to Colbert, take the opportunity to accompany you. The director explains that it is not necessary to see them all at once, it is the latter parts that have a more pronounced common thread. These may need to be viewed in the correct order. In this case, we agree with Nolan.

Curiously, Oppenheimer's director recommends starting with Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift. It's no secret that this film is one of the most controversial of the saga and fans are quite divided. Nolan doesn't seem to care and thinks it's the perfect film to “rehash” the saga.

It will be Christopher Nolan one of the big protagonists of the next Oscar gala Thanks to Oppenheimer. The award-winning biopic starring Cillian Murphy has it all Oscar nominationsand it's one of the favorites of the evening. In our criticism of Oppenheimer We gave it a 9/10 and said: “An equally fascinating and frightening character study, wrapped in an excellent display of filmmaking.”

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