If you love video games but don't have much time to play, this new patent from Sony is for you

Surely many of you feel that you are identified with the headline and time does not forgive, and Responsibilities pile up. It is normal that we have less and less time to play, and in my case (and I'm sure it is the case for many people) one of the main obstacles that prevents us from returning to certain games is the task Note again the entire range of controls. Fortunately, that could change soon.

A recent patent filed by Sony appears to describe this a new tool that allows us to correct the control scheme on the side of the screen. This allows us to experiment with the buttons while also seeing a breakdown of each function, making it much easier to understand. It is a completely optional tool and can be disabled at any time.

An easier way to get active again

According to the patent description, this is the tool It is helpful for newcomers to learn the controls quickly of PlayStation games, but I really think this feature would be more useful for those of us who play for long periods of time. To first learn the controls We already have the tutorialsBut when you're halfway through the adventure, it's sometimes difficult to get back behind the wheel.

With this tool we could Memorize the controls much more visually, without having to resort to two or three menu tabs to try out each command. PlayStation Studios They are increasingly focusing on accessibilitySo It makes sense that the console would go in the same direction in the future.

This is not Sony's first patent related to controls and tutorials in video games. A little over a month ago we talked about some preliminary designs that were proposed Replacing the DualSense touch panel with a screen, where we could see gameplay tips and controls, among other things. However, it is important to remember this All of these patents may never be implemented. We will see.

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