It took over 180 hours, but this Valheim player has finally faced one of the deadliest enemies ever.

Valheim It’s a gigantic game, practically infinite if you don’t get bored its own unique Nordic world with resource management and construction. The Iron Gate Studio game has achieved tremendous success can boast of having general reviews extremely positive on SteamBut it’s certainly not a game for everyone. If you are fascinated by the world and the way it presents the gameplay, then you can go for it a lot of hours of funAnd yet you will constantly discover something new.

It was the case of a player (kanasoturi56 on Reddit), who came over after more than 180 hours of play in Valheim one of the rarest and most dangerous enemies in the game. A Two Star Troll in the immediate vicinity of the Black Forest.

The first 2 star troll I’ve ever seen. I worked on this game for about 180 hours
from u/kanasoturi56 In Valheim

In Valheim, enemies scale with the player’s progress, and as you advance through the story and defeat bosses, Stronger versions of enemies appear. These differ in that there are one or two stars to the right of the name. The more stars, the more dangerous. In the 80 hours of play that I will devote to the game I will have killed dozens of two star grizzliesbut I had never encountered a troll at the highest level.

A mace from a two-star troll: death sentence

These enemies bring you more materials and resources, and therefore finding two-star wild boar is a task that every self-respecting farmer must undertake. With enemies, it’s the other way around, because Although the rewards are juicy, the damage they deal is much higher. With full silver armor and good health, a two-star draugr in the swamp can kill you in secondsI speak from experience.

If normal enemies are deadly at this level… imagine trolls. In the comments of the post there is a user who confirms this: In over a thousand hours in Valheim, he’s only met three. A sighting of those to be remembered, there is no doubt about that.

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