Nintendo and DeNa form joint venture Nintendo Systems

Nintendo and DeNa have announced their joint venture, Nintendo Systems.

The two Japanese companies announced last September that they would form a new subsidiary that would be 80% owned by Nintendo and 20% owned by DeNa.

Nintendo Systems is located in Tokyo and noisy their website It offers “development and operation of systems related to the digital part of Nintendo’s business” and “planning, development and operation of new services”.

President of the new company is Tetsuya Sasaki, who joined Nintendo in 1995 as an engineer in the EAD department. Since then he has been involved in the programming of titles such as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Wii Sports, Mario Kart DS or Animal Crossing: Wild World, as well as the Internet browsers integrated in Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

A statement explains that “Nintendo Systems was born in April 2023 led by a team of engineers from Nintendo and DeNa to create a system that would facilitate the delivery of Nintendo entertainment to our consumers.”

“Among many technological innovations in the world and valuing the spirit of originality and flexibility, members of varying strengths participate in discussions and work to create systems with the goal of achieving great results that cannot be achieved by a single person .”

“Internet technology is changing at a tremendous rate and is becoming more complex every day. With this in mind, Nintendo Systems will leverage the trusting relationship between Nintendo and DeNa for seven years to innovate for the world, led by Nintendo’s originality and DeNa’s technical know-how.”

Nintendo and DeNa announced their first collaboration in 2015. The result was several mobile titles developed by DeNa and maintained by Nintendo, such as Super Mario Run, Mario Kart Tour, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Miitomo or Fire Emblem Heroes.

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