Nintendo is releasing The Legend of Zelda Orchestra Concert on its YouTube channel

Nintendo has released The Legend of Zelda Orchestra Concert on its YouTube channel.

This symphony concert was originally planned for the in-person event Nintendo Live 2024. canceled due to threats to the company's employees.

The selection includes themes from games in the The Legend of Zelda saga such as Tears of the Kingdom, Breath of the Wild, Ocarina of Time or Link's Awakening.

A Splatoon 3 concert will be posted on the same channel tomorrow.

After the video we leave the complete selection of songs with their minutes:

Concert by the “The Legend of Zelda” orchestra [Nintendo Live 2024 TOKYO]

  • 00:00 – Tears of the Kingdom: Main Theme (Reprise)
  • 03:55 – The Ballad of the Goddess
  • 06:11 – Zelda's Lullaby
  • 09:00 – Link's Awakening Medley 2024
  • 13:26 – Breath of the Wild: Main theme
  • 3:35 p.m. – Hyrule Castle
  • 17:43 – Breath of the Wild: Nintendo Switch 2017 presentation trailer
  • 9:15 p.m. – Ocarina of Time: Kakariko Village
  • 24:18 – The main theme of The Legend of Zelda

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