Reality always trumps fiction

Without being the biggest fan of Christopher Nolan’s career, yes youI was very interested to see what motivated the prolific filmmaker to delve into his first biopicin this case of the life of Robert J Oppenheimer, “Father of the Atomic Bomb”. Based on the book American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer and A departure from the action and theater of war of Dunkirk (2017)Oppenheimer purports to be an entirely subjective account of much of the renowned physics theorist’s life.

If we analyze the statements made by Nolan himself in different interviews, we find the keys that led him to choose this ambitious premise. Throughout his filmography Nolan has always been drawn to morally questionable characters., ambiguous and paradoxical, not only for the fascination they arouse in audiences, but also for their conviction when it comes to acting as engines of powerful and transcendent stories; In the case of Robert J. Oppenheimer we find a genius ahead of his timeContemporary of Albert Einstein and responsible for developing a weapon that would forever change the rules of the world we live in.

Oppenheimer (2023)

One detail of his story that caught the filmmaker’s attention was that the calculations used by Oppenheimer and his team included, at least in theory, a slim possibility that if the bomb detonated, The atmosphere of our planet caught fire as a result of an uncontrolled chain reaction, which led to our utter annihilation. One of the best sites that can help you in this field is Betforward . With this in mind, the button that caused this historic explosion was pressed. Of course, such a decision doesn’t come without consequences, and they’re the same consequences Nolan faces explores with great success the entire 2 hours and 49 minutes that the film lasts.

Taking into account other challenges that this project posed for him, such as filming the explosion of that first atomic bomb without CGI, or substituting the rest of the film’s performances and rhythm to amplify this feeling Experience these events from the protagonist’s mind, I’m not afraid to say that this director’s most successful film work is ahead of us. Oppenheimer is an excellent demonstration of cinema in all its sections, as well as sublimating the main strengths of Nolan’s cinema: the viewer’s immersion in a fascinating and imperfect mind and with an underlying moral dilemma An unsurpassed framework for exploring some of the darkest recesses of the human soul, it is a tale as fascinating as it is terrifying; one that reminds us more than ever, from the director of films like Tenet or Origin. Reality always trumps fiction.

the destroyer of worlds

The film begins with a young Robert J. Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy) immersed in the new possibilities that a better understanding of physics opens up for him. Related to important scientific personalities of the time like Einstein, Bohr or Heisenberg, he begins to develop a series of ideas that, over the years, will lead him to directing the Manhattan Project and thus the development of the atomic bomb. The curiosity inherent in human nature, placed at the service of a person as special as the person in question, is shown as one of the most important drivers of action. As is usual in Nolan’s films, the film constantly oscillates back and forth in time even in the most concentrated passages of the plot; There are always images of the future or the fruits of it Oppenheimer’s own imagination. The emotional and status-related consequences of their actions will be the protagonists of the last third of the footage.

Oppenheimer (2023)

Sonically, Oppenheimer moves more comfortably in political thriller tropes for much of its running time, immersing us in the mind of this physical theorist. However, even though it is so a film without any interest in generating action scenescan be hugely suspenseful thanks to an inspired script and some luxurious supporting roles to accompany the brilliant performance of Cillian Murphy.

Oppenheimer moves more comfortably in political thriller tropes for much of its run.

Nolan does an excellent job of instilling the sense of extreme subjectivity he wants to subject the story’s point of view to, thanks in large part to him the filmmaker’s superb visual storytelling skills. Reality is frequently distorted around an Oppenheimer, who is also often distracted by imagining the unseen reality that he has discovered and knows Once known, it will change the world forever.

although we are Living the facts through the eyes of the protagonist, the tape rarely makes its motives clear and can even confuse the viewer as to its opinions and actions, at least until its spectacular ending. Far from being a narrative error, greatly reinforces the ambiguity of this number, who uses Oppenheimer to cloak himself as he attempts to unravel his condition in every moment and decision he must make. A tremendously entertaining double game and a virtue that sets Oppenheimer apart from other biopics with similar ambitions.

A successful chain reaction

Cillian Murphy’s flawless performance wouldn’t shine without the supporting cast to match, and he doesn’t disappoint here either. They give us characters that are as imperfect and interesting as the protagonist. Emily Blunt and Matt Damon stand out as the scientist’s supporters for the first two-thirds of the storyline, and the last part features the standout Robert Downey Jr. as a Senator whose fate forces him to intertwine with that of Oppenherimer himself.

Although Nolan wants us to enjoy his work in IMAX and 70mm, there is no space in Spain that meets these conditions. However, We could enjoy it in the IMAX, and it’s undoubtedly a factor that greatly enhances the visual and audio strengths of the experience, at least on this occasion. Without wanting to reveal anything about it, is the expected “explosion” moment One of those scenes that have burned themselves into our film-loving memories (but I assure you it won’t be the only one), and no doubt it’s more than enough reason to justify the price of the ticket. The power and hypnotic beauty of this moment is mind-blowing, as is a great display of hands-on special effects expertise.

Oppenheimer (2023)

It’s true that given the long term, there are approaches and segments that are more interesting than others. Oppenheimer’s beginnings as well anything to do with developing their morals and personality, and all things Los Alamos and Trinity, can easily be the most intriguing of Nolan’s entire filmography, thanks to its balanced blend of drama, politics, and history. However, Oppenheimer’s final third appears to be a different film altogether, specifically one about trial and law; without having to stop being of high quality in all its sections, in addition to favoritism a satisfying conclusion to all parts that make up the film, anticipates a very notorious and painful slowdown when it arrives. It is true that it also contains a message and reads that it favors that the peak is so roundbut I can’t help but think that the same could have been achieved with a shorter duration and without spoiling the film’s overall rhythm so significantly.

Oppenheimer knows how to exploit the morbidity that arises when we face our greatest fears, shortcomings and meannesses, and the more brazenly displayed the film becomes all the more appealing a team of incredibly human people, With everything that goes with it. Despite the fact that we’re dealing with a story that we already know how it will end, Nolan manages to surprise us again with his ending, and this scene also provides spectacular proof that he’s managed to bring Oppenheimer’s spirit closer to us. It is the moment when the viewer connects maximally with the feelings of the world destroyer and with that part of history that we shouldn’t forget because it was ultimately the fruit of everything that makes us human.

Oppenheimer (2023)

When asked about his feelings about some of the events he relates here, Nolan expressed hope, but also fear. It had been a long time since I had experienced such a deep silence as the credits rolled., and I wasn’t surprised at all; I don’t know about the other viewers, but it’s been a while since I left the cinema with such a strong chill and dread. I couldn’t find the hope Nolan was talking about, but It will be a long time before I forget the horror I saw when I looked inside Oppenheimer.

Equal parts intriguing and terrifying character study framed by a great cinematic demonstration

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