Scorn will be coming to PS5 later this year

Scorn will be released on PlayStation 5 later this year.

Developed by studio Ebb Software and inspired by the work of artist HR Giger, the first-person horror adventure was originally released for Xbox Series X/S and PC last October. As it’s a temporary Xbox exclusive, it’s not expected to hit the Sony console before a month.

Technical artist Jovan Vučković explained: “During the development of the game for PlayStation 5, we finally had the opportunity to use the potential of the DualSense wireless controller to immerse you even deeper into this twisted world and expand the synesthetic experience of Scorn .”

“By doing so, we can deepen player immersion and let everyone breathe in a new way. Since there is no spoken dialogue in the game, we put a lot of emphasis on storytelling in the environment, and haptic feedback is a great complement to this special audiovisual experience.” .

“The main character of the game interacts with the world primarily through his hands. Many of these interactions are also painful for him, and that’s where haptic feedback comes in.”

“The visuals presented to players are painful in and of themselves, but we wanted to amplify that feeling by giving that feeling to the hands gripping the controller. Players will be able to feel the directions, adding to the experience.”

They have explained that the PlayStation 5 version will also use the adaptive triggers to give each weapon a different feel of weight and will use the light bar to show the character’s health.

Finally, the release of a physical format version has been confirmed, containing the game on CD, a steelbook and artbook, and the soundtrack in digital format.

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