The 10 highest-grossing actors and actresses of all time

When it comes to the top (financially) outstanding actors and actresses in the business, chances are you can name a few correctly from memory. Due to some box office records set by ensemble films such as Avengers: Endgame (2019) and Avengers: Infinity War (2018), A large percentage of the actors on this list are actually Avengers. While these starring roles may have tipped the scales of cosmic hits, there are other previous films that took these actors to the top of the box office early on.

It is important to remember that the figures presented in this list are based on gross income All the movies shot by each actor And not just from a current section of her career.

Note: This data was compiled by extra and represent numbers at US box office only.

10. Chris Evans – $4.09 billion

Although that is so the first of many Avengers on the list, Chris Evans has had a variety of film contracts since the last Marvel film he was in. With titles like Knives in the Back, Lightyear, The Invisible Agent and Ghosting, Evans will be on screen for a long time. Evans has proven this since his early days with the hilarious and goofy Not Another Stupid American Movie turned out to be perfect for the over-the-top, patriotic good guy Captain America.

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9. Bradley Cooper – $4.3 billion

Although Bradley Cooper is technically an Avenger (the voice of Rocket), his success rests on several talents. Cooper is credited with starring in numerous hit films, including The Great American Hustle, The Sharpshooter, and The Hangover Saga, to name a few began his career as a director from the consistently successful A Star Is Born, where he also sang and delivered an incredible performance.

8. Chris Hemsworth – $4.3 billion

Though Hemsworth is arguably best known as the stubborn demigod Thor, that 2011 lead gave him the boost he needed to be noticed in other roles. Movies like 12 Brave, “Bad Times at the El Royale” and “Tyler Rake” are a direct result of this leading role, with other promising roles in various genres in the pipeline. With the addition of Tyler Rake 2 this year, the allure of seeing Hemsworth at his roughest, wildest will only grow. Although he will always be remembered for the Thor movies.

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7. Chris Pratt – $4.33 billion

Although he probably made it onto this list for his role as Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy and the subsequent Avengers films, Chris Pratt has done a lot more in recent years. With all the roles he’s landed over the last decade (The LEGO Movie, The Magnificent Seven, the Jurassic World movies and now Super Mario Bros: The Movie), It’s surprising that Pratt wasn’t higher on the list..

6. Zoe Saldana – $4.64 billion

Zoe Saldana is one of the most popular and well-received action heroines of this generation.. In addition to her role as Gamora in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Saldaña has found success in films such as The Losers, Colombiana, The Adam Project, the Star Trek film series, and Avatar 1 and 2 (as well as the highly anticipated 3, 4, and 5). ). Definitive, This amazing actress will have a guaranteed future in action and drama movies.

5. Tom Cruise – $4.7 billion

Tom Cruise, the first on the list who isn’t an Avenger, undoubtedly is one of the greatest action movie stars of all time. During his acting career he has directed 46 films, most of them action films. Since his first film in 1981, Cruise performing their own stunts and defying all odds for more than four years. The most popular and successful of his projects is the Mission Impossible saga, of which there are already six episodes and two more are in preparation.

4. Tom Hanks – $5.12 billion

Tom Hanks, the second and final non-Avenger actor on this list, holds a special place in the hearts of well as in the academy. With such a long history and 56 actors, Hanks’ dramatic performance will always be in short supply. Thanks to the consistently high quality of his interpretationsHanks has landed new prominent roles in new films on a regular basis, and it’s likely that he will continue to do so.

3. Scarlett Johansson – $5.29 billion

Another great actress of the film industry is Scarlett Johansson. She is best known for her role as Black Widow in the Iron Man films, The Avengers and of course Black Widow. Johansson also has a great track record in drama and dark comedy.. Although her more artistic roles in films like Jojo Rabbit, Marriage Story, Her and various other projects have been great for her acting career, the addition of the popular animated films Sing! also placed her so high on this list.

2. Robert Downey Jr. – $5.47 billion

Robert Downey Jr., the biggest face and personality on our list of the highest-grossing Avengers, has become Iron Man in the hearts of millions. Robert Downey Jr. is praised for his quips and quick quips and the public comes full circle. With his newfound fame and legendary return to the big screen, The future is bright for this veteran star.

1. Samuel L. Jackson – $5.72 billion

Although he also played a notable role as Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Nobody can match the diverse career of Samuel L. Jackson. With a whopping 196 actor credits listed on his IMDB profile, it’s no wonder Samuel L. Jackson has appeared in almost every film. Since its inception in 1972 Jackson has acted in drama, action, voiceover, and comedy projects.. A true diamond in the rough.

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