The cooperative puzzler The Past Within is coming to Switch in July

Rusty Lake has announced the release date for The Past Within on Switch.

It is a cooperative puzzle game for two players, one set in the past and the other set in the future, who must work together to solve a series of puzzles.

Set in Rusty Lake’s own universe, which has evolved over approximately 15 games, The Past Within tells the surreal story of the Vanderboom family and their experiments in alchemy and the occult. The next episode will be underground flowerplanned for this year.

This adventure lasts about two hours and can be repeated with different solutions to the puzzles.

It features cross-platform multiplayer with the PC and mobile versions and will be released in late 2022.

The eShop version has 40% discount on reservations; Each player needs a copy of the game.

The Past Within is coming to Switch on July 6th. It is now available on PC and mobile devices.

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