The Deviation Games studio is suffering from a large wave of layoffs

Studio Deviation Games, which is currently working exclusively for Sony on a new game and was funded by the Japanese company, has suffered a wave of layoffs that some sources estimate could affect up to ninety employees.

Artist Christopher Berry explained that “a handful of my colleagues and friends were fired from Deviation Games today, while software engineer Kyle Perras added: “My studio has been in a difficult situation lately, including a number of layoffs. “of which I am a part”.

Producer Miki Gao said, “Today we’re adding a new life experience: getting fired. Many thanks to my former colleagues at Deviation Games. It was a pleasure working with you and learning from you.”

Another producer, Jared Bailey, said: “Unfortunately, I am saddened by today’s layoffs at Deviation Games. I’m looking for production roles. To my former colleagues at Deviation: It has been an honor and a privilege to work with so many talented people.” . I will miss you so much.”

The exact size of the Deviation Games roster is currently unknown. The last time we knew about this was in June 2021 when the agreement with Sony was announced; The company is said to have around a hundred employees and is working on a “new original IP” for the PlayStation, which was a year in development.

Also not much is known about this project or about Deviation itself. The studio’s last official announcement came in September last year when it announced the departure of one of its founders, Jason Blundell.

Blundell, whose reasons for his resignation were not given, co-founded Deviation with Dave Anthony. Both were from the Call of Duty series, where Blundell had directed and co-headed the Treyarch studio.

Neither Deviation Games nor Sony have commented on the release of the layoffs in the studio at this time.

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