The Scavengers studio is laying off half its staff

Scavenger’s Studio has confirmed the dismissal of half the staff.

The studio currently employs only sixteen people. The reason for the layoffs was the commercial failure of their latest game, Season: A Letter to the Future.

CEO Amélie Lamarche said in a statement, “While Season received critical acclaim, it fell short of our commercial expectations. Despite our efforts to increase sales through content updates and discounts, the game has only sold 60,000 copies in the first five months. “That’s well below what the studio needs to survive.”

“Given the current global economic environment and Season’s financial results, we were left with no choice but to make the difficult decision to downsize the studio to a smaller, more sustainable group of developers. Unfortunately, this means we have to say goodbye to sixteen members of the development team. Scavenger’s Studio”.

Lamarche explained that “a new initiative will be announced soon with the aim of creating gameplay-driven games that bring people together” and thus “create a game that embodies the same spirit of innovation, humor and fun that Project Darwin bot.”

The studio’s CEO concluded her message by saying to the affected employees, “Please remember that our decision to fire is not an expression of the talent, dedication or contributions of any of you.”

Season: A Letter to the Future has been available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC since last January. In his analysis we said of him: “Season tries to be evocative and raise moral dilemmas but forgets to be bold when it comes to exposing them and revolves around memories, but the ambiguity of the situations presented makes it difficult to be touching.” “.

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