This Diablo IV dungeon will help you climb 40 levels in just two hours

Diablo IV fans have noticed that there is a dungeon that is so full of monsters allows players to complete 40 levels in just two hours.

According to media PC gamerthe Diablo IV YouTuber named Raxxantherax has shown that the changes introduced with Patch 1.1.1 allow for very fast leveling in the Domhaine Tunnel dungeon.

This dungeon is located in Scosglen. It’s teeming with goats and bats, even more than before after Blizzard increased the monster density in Nightmare and Infernal Dungeons to encourage players to use them for experience points and loot.

But maybe the Domhaine Tunnels dungeon is too full of monsters. In a video that you can see above, Raxxanterax demonstrates how it is possible to use the first stage of the dungeon. Going from level one to level 40 in just over two hourswhile his pre-patch best time to reach level 40 was three and a half hours.

By focusing on this first section of the dungeon, moving in circles and restarting the dungeon once all monsters have been cleared, players can level up. much faster than playing the entire campaign, for example.

Raxxantherax took two hours and seven minutes upon reaching level 40 as a caster and with the Chain Lightning build, but it should benefit all classes and builds that deal area damage. The Domhaine Tunnel dungeon is very effective for leveling up The Diablo IV Speedrunner They use it to break their records up to world level 3.

Will Blizzard intervene? The 1.1.2 patch notes don’t mention the Domhaine Tunnel dungeon, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

Blizzard released Patch 1.1.1 on August 8th seems to have arrived well after the disastrous update above caused a backlash. The first season of Diablo IV, which began last month, is expected to do so last until the end of October 2023. Blizzard has already published a detailed roadmap for the game and has promised to continue to consider community feedback throughout Season 3 and beyond.

Diablo IV was the best-selling game in June, and has maintained momentum despite various controversies. For more information, check out our review of the game, where we said: “Diablo IV is extremely addictive, his combat is impressive and the construction of the characters is excellent. Learn from Diablo II, yes, but also from Diablo III and Diablo Immortal. More MMO than ever on a new itinerary for the saga“.

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