This is what is known about Throes of the Watchmaker

The wait is over: Sea of ​​​​​​Stars was released on all platforms a week ago. Since then, the game has set occasional records, and more than it’s going to set in the future since Its managers have announced that they are already working on their DLC.

How collected GamesRadarannounced Thierry Boulanger, the director of Sea of ​​​​​​Stars, in his interview with Radio Canada They are already developing the first expansion for the game. Boulanger clarified that he has two different teams: One focused on the next project and a smaller one that only works for the Sea of ​​Stars DLC.

The name given to the extension is “The Watchmaker’s Battles” and has been described as “side-adventure DLC” that will “further expand the world of Sea of ​​Stars and provide additional information about it.” the narrative that runs through all our games“. Thus, the expansion would be responsible for further connecting the story of Sea of ​​​​​​Stars with that of its predecessor, The Messenger. Don’t forget that The new title from Sabotage Studio is actually a prequel to the last game.

The Sea of ​​Stars DLC will be free for some

While this is great news, it should be noted that Sea of ​​Stars officials have previously promised to work on a DLC for the game. They made that clear in the campaign kickstartersI noticed that too The DLC will be free for everyone who funded the project.

“To show our gratitude to everyone who has supported the project, we are announcing that the ultimate goal is to make this DLC available for free Anyone who paid for a copy of the game [en Kickstarter]‘ read on the platform.

Sea of ​​Stars was released on August 29th for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In just one day, the title managed to sell 100,000 units.

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