Tyler Rake 2, the film starring Chris Hemsworth, broke Netflix with its new record

Tyler Rake 2 is one of the big Netflix releases this year. The film, starring Chris Hemsworth, was highly anticipated by fans. but few could imagine to what extent.

As reported by the media GamesRadar, Tyler Rake 2 has set a record making the Sam Hargrave-directed saga one of Netflix’s greatest hits. If we take a look Top 10 Global Streaming Platformswe see that Tyler Rake and Tyler Rake 2 are ranked 9th and 10th respectively. This makes Tyler Rake the first film franchise to earn two spots in the top 10.

The top, focused exclusively on English films, collects the most viewed tapes by subscribers from around the world. As stated by Netflix, the dates match “Views in the first 91 days on Netflix”. Thus, Tyler Rake 2 can continue to climb the list as it has currently been available on the streaming platform for 11 weeks.

Currently, Tyler Rake is in ninth place with 135.7 million views, while Tyler Rake 2 is in tenth place with 129.3 million views. The table continues to be led by Red Alertthe 2021 film starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, which garnered 230.9 million views.

Other films follow, such as Don’t Look Up (171.4 million views), The Adam Project (157.6 million views), and A Ciegas (157.4 million views).

From mission to mission and I shoot because it’s my turn

While in the first film, Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake tried to “rescue the kidnapped son of a jailed Indian mafia boss prince,” the sequel sent the mercenary on another grand mission: Save Ketevan, his ex-wife’s sister, and their children.

Both Tyler Rake movies are available on Netflix. It has already been announced that a third part will be developed, but it is not yet in production due to the strike that Hollywood writers and actors are holding in the United States.

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