Witch Things, reveals how the Salem cat helped her take things from the set

It’s been 20 years since the last episode of Sabrina: Things of Witches premiered. Melissa Joan HartIts actress, who played the young witch protagonist of the series, has returned after a long time tell that Salem the cat helped him take more than one thing from the set.

The middle TVLine (above comic book) had the opportunity to interview Melissa Joan Hart to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sabrina: The Things of Witches. Not only was the actress encouraged to clarify some of the questions many of us have had since the series ended, but she did tells a funniest anecdote. This is related to the Salem cat and how, albeit indirectly, he helped the actress pick up some things from the set.

I took everything. Clothing, set pieces, things I don’t even know how I brought home,” Hart admitted, later recounting the cat that Salem played helped him get a lot of stuff off the set.

“One night of filming, we all screamed and screamed, so the cat got scared and ran away. We had to close the set to find it. He got scared, scratched the trainer and disappeared,” the actress began, recalling. “The set was about 6,000 square meters and we had to look for it everywhere. As we walked around the set, we picked up a lot of things.. maybe I’ll post something instagramand say, ‘Does anyone recognize that?’”

Would you like to see Sabrina return?

Sabrina: The Things of Witches premiered in 1996 and launched its final season (after a total of seven) in 2003. Ever since Nothing has been said about whether a series will be developed as a reboot with actress Hart reprising the role of Sabrina, though she’s open to the possibility: “Never say never.”

“I think it would be a lot of fun to get back together with these people. I want to put together the same team and cast. I undoubtedly see the appeal in it. I’d love to see what kind of arguments they would come up with, but you’d have to get it right,” Hart said.

Netflix released a Sabrina reboot in 2018 titled Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Like the previous Sabrina series, this Netflix reboot followed in the footsteps of the teenage witch, this time played by Kiernan Shipka and starring slightly darker than the original.

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