Xbox makes it clear that Visions of Mana will not be available on Game Pass

Xbox has indicated in a statement to Eurogamer that Visions of Mana will not be available on Game Pass.

On the weekend some users They had found evidence on the official Xbox website that suggested inclusion in the subscription service.

The role-playing game from the veteran Square Enix saga, the first new installment in 15 years, was recently shown at the Xbox Developer Direct.

It stated that it would be released in the summer of 2024, but there was no indication of its appearance on Game Pass.

Visions of Mana | Xbox Developer Direct 2024 gameplay reveal

An Xbox representative stated the following: “We are aware that contained indications that Visions of Mana would be coming to Xbox Game Pass, and we can confirm that this was an error.”

They add: “While we continue to update the library and look for new ways to provide members with value and options, we currently have no plans to bring Visions of Mana to Game Pass.”

Visions of Mana will be released in summer 2024 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox Series X/S.

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